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  1. Aug 18, 2011About Sten
    Aug 11, 2011Bang Bang
    Aug 4, 2011This is Valentine’s, this is Valentine’s…
    Jul 28, 2011Arse-Farse
    Jul 21, 2011BOOMSTICK!
    Jul 14, 2011Steady as the beating drum
    Jun 30, 2011What’s so lame about etchings?
    Jun 23, 2011Oh voy
    Jun 16, 2011Shock and awe
    Jun 9, 2011Arghh
    Jun 2, 2011I’ll stop doing it when you stop laughing
    May 26, 2011Maybe you should chew… ON MY FIST
    May 19, 2011A Kick
    May 16, 2011Cheese-eating Surrender-Monkeys
    May 12, 2011There’s a first time for everything
    May 9, 2011Dressing properly
    May 5, 2011On Bullshit
    May 1, 2011Into your face!