Since I always try to (in some modest way) mimic the color palette of the movie in question, this wasn’t exactly a blast. “Shaun” has very washed out colors, lots of blues and grays to emphasize on the ‘the end is neigh’ feeling.

Apart from that, I just gotta say that I simply can’t get enough of Pegg and Frost. In fact, I can’t get enough of the entourage of wonderful British comedians that they surround themselves with. I just plowed through the whole “Spaced” series in four days. Before that I was hanging out with “Black Books” and before that it was me and mr Izzard for several months. GOOD STUFF. Jesus nipples, Bill Bailey must be considered something of a national treasure over there.

And every now and then the thought “Jeez, Edgar Wright is still very young! Think of all the good stuff he’ll throw at us during the years to come!” and I get genuinely happy.