I very seldom come across a flawless movie (although “Son of Rambow” came pretty damn close) and “Inception” wasn’t one of them. But this kind of movie just brings out my true self, my very core. Not an elitist movie snob, but in fact, a genuine nerd. That is in awe of the crazy stuff going on on the white screen.

Sure the first part is better and when it went all Bond on us and Eames took on an entire battalion it did sting a little. But what the hell, this is fun, this is clever and it’s just too thrilling to be sitting in the middle of movie history in the making. Because I really think “Inception” will live on, flaws and all. And to salute a truly wonderful movie I wrote and drew a piss-joke.

Despite what your parents tell you, peeing on people can be quite funny. Ask Kanye West.